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Voice activated notation

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I don't know if this is even possible, but if there were a way to do this i think that it would be an amazing application that would allow aspiring musicians to compose music in the most direct and emotional way possible. Writing music tends to be a tedious process that to a certain degree separates the emotion of the music from the actual composition part of it. In addition, it would be something that a lot of people would be able to have fun with, not just professional musicians.

It would be remarkable if some company (hopefully you guys) could create an application that simply allowed you to set a metronome, start recording, and sing right into the phone or tablet, and have the initial composition take care of itself. Imagine if you could set the click, hum or sing notes, have them notate perfectly into sheet music, and then play it back with laying down additional notes or instruments while listening to what you already set down. This would be something that everyone could use, and I think it would be very popular. You could sit there for an hour and have a fully composed, emotionally articulated song.

There are a lot of interesting music notation apps coming out nowadays. I think something like this would really open the door for a lot of people, even just casual music lovers.


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    Hi. I've thought about this before quite a lot actually. I think the iPad is the perfect platform for such an application, but it would be very challenging to implement it well. This is definitely something we are interested in though!
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    I really did not expect a developer to respond! Thank you. I figured it would be a difficult thing to do, but it would be absolutely amazing to have. I would buy an iPad JUST for something like that, and would buy that app no matter how much it cost. It would be the first music app that literally anyone could use. Good luck, hopefully I'll be buying it from you guys in a few years.
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