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Please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems when entering notes with the keyboard out, in say the key of C, there is no way to manipulate which accidental will be used for black notes. For example, all Db's will be entered as C#.

My suggestion for a logical fix would be to have the accidental be whatever accidental is highlighted on the left side of the screen in keyboard out mode. Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

Oh, i'm using v1.2. Thank you for a great program.

- Mike


  • Great suggestion. The preset preference should match the key (sharps for sharps, flats for flats). Even working on Finale doesn't make the insertion of an enharmonic note that easy. The solution on Finale is "9" in speedy entry.
  • I agree. Currently, the accidental buttons have no effect in keyboard entry. In the upcoming version, if the user selects sharp, and enters a black key, the input will add a sharp note.

    Does this seem convenient? Looking for more feedback.

  • Yes, that sounds like a great solution. That way one could use the keyboard mode with great ease selecting flat or sharp on the left.

  • +1 for this feature. We definitely need some enharmonic control.


  • It's actually not in this next update yet, but it will be soon.
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