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Multiple Chord Symbols in Measure

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I'm loving the new app! Only one problem I'm having so far... How does one insert more than one chord symbol into a measure that doesn't feature more than one note? For example, how would I inter a symbol on one and three if the measure is occupied only by a whole note?



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    Unfortunately, there's not a great way to do that right now. One option is to change the active voice, and then fill the measure with rests of whatever durations you like. You can add chord symbols to rests just like chords, so this is one way to get the same behavior.

    If anyone has any recommendations on how implement chord symbols that aren't attached to chords, I'd love to hear them.
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    yes, i noticed this is a problem as well....it seems to be a tough issue...because the whole chord input system is kind of tied to the number of notes in the bar...maybe it could be tied to the beats per measure instead of notes?...ie. 4/4 would let you enter a max of 4 chords in 1 bar regardless of the number of notes...
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