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Freeze after first start ever, not recoverable

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I installed Symphony Pro and started it for the first time on my iPad2. I confirmed the message "Midi device enabled" with ok, then started playing around with the buttons. Pressing the "piano" button on the upper right top, then the "mf" button next to it, then the "clef" button between those two resulted in a freeze of the app (maybe another sequence, but only those three buttons were involved).

I exited and tried to restart, but it didn't work. I had to delete and reinstall, but then I was not careful and played around again. Freeze!

When I go to the home screen and close the app completely (by pressing the home button twice, then the "X"), that doesn't help. I see the splash screen for a few seconds, then it exits to the home screen.

Not a good first impression. What goes?


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    I'm getting the same problems. Piano won't appear when I press the icon. App just doesnt seem to work well. Wont give up yet though, app seems to do exactly what I want.
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    Thanks for your feedback.

    The issue with the on-screen piano not appearing can be fixed for the time being by turning off MIDI devices in Settings.

    To do so, tap the gear icon at the top, and then tap "Settings" in the left menu. Turn off the switch for "Midi/USB Input."

    The iPad can detect a midi device by usb and also over a network, for example, if you're using an app like TouchOSC or the audio midi setup tool to form a wireless connection between your computer and iPad.

    In the next update, users will manually enable a midi device to give more control over whether or not to have the on-screen piano disabled.

    @Alexo: thanks for your report about the freezup. This will be a high-priority fix for the immediate update as well.

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    I had the same freeze issue after upgrading. I tried closing the app by double clicking the hardware button and then pressing the SymphonyPro app to activate the 'X' and then closing SP. That didn't help. Then I tried a reset and a power down. After that, the app came up normally and works as expected.
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    Thanks again for the bug report. This has been fixed for the immediate update (mid-october).
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