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Buggy undo button

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Dear developers,

I am very happy with the progress you achieved with version 2.0 . Nevertheless I have a problem with the undo button, which seems to change the position of the marker in writing mode (I put notes with the virtual keyboard in). When I write a dotted fourth and then enter an eighth, that is also dotted (in my opinion only the first written note should be dotted/bound over when entering notes, I hope you know what I mean) I use the undo button and want to enter it again, the programm puts the new eighth before the dotted fourth. Am I using the undo button in a wrong way?

Thank you for your answer!


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    Hi luk,

    The answer is no. The blue tracker should always return to the previous position.

    There seems to be a handful of new bugs related to the piano tracker, not just this one, including being unable to position it correctly when tapping at a point after a note in certain cases. These are high priority fixes that we'll address in the next update.

    Thanks for your feedback,
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    Hi Phil,

    thank you for your quick reply. I'm happy to help ;-)

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