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Inserting Custom Measure, and Occasional Crash

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Hello All,

Have loved working with this app. And have really got on a roll.

I've been working on a file with a custom time signature, inserted a standard one, just needed for two bars, and cannot get out of it or insert the starting custom time signature. I haven't seen how to delete the time signatures, deleting the measures seems to keep them too.

Any advice would be welcome.

And sometimes it just closes, losing any unsaved work. Anything I can do to prevent that would be good to know too.

thanks for considering the question


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    Thanks for the feedback. We will have those time and key signature issues fixed soon.

    When it closes that's because the program crashed. We wouldn't just do that on purpose. There are a few common crashes that have been fixed for this next version, so it will be more stable. If you still run into crashes after 1.3 is released, you can help us out by documenting steps you can take to reliably repeat the crash.
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    Good to know. Being able to insert custom time sig. will be great!

    Yesterday when I opened S-Pro, ALL the text fields were all jammed up into measure one.
    It was so tricky to reposition them, I just deleted them all and am gradually putting them back in.
    Was there something I might have done to cause the file to do that?

    Hey, thanks again, this app has changed my life, seriously, I am getting SO much more done on my music work at lunch during the day, on the train, away from the laptop, it's a one of a kind tool we really needed *and* it's a great design, Kudos!
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    Once 1.3 is released, the text that you place will stay in place and will stick to a measure better as you rotate into portrait mode. Sorry for the inconvenience, and it's great to hear how much you like it!
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