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Chord recognition


Could you work on getting chord recognition to work from handwriting please?

It’s too bad to use at the moment.

It doesn’t recognise the triangle Major 7 symbol at all.

Also finding grabbing a barline with the pencil to slide sideways totally hit and miss. 

thanks Adam


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    edited January 8
    Sorry about the delay in response. Chord symbols can already be recognized via Handwriting Recognition. However, it requires purchasing the Handwriting Recognition Upgrade.

    You can then find the Chord Symbol Recognition feature via the following steps: 
    - Hold down on the Handwriting icon.
    - Switch this expandable button to "C7" (as illustrated) to enable Chord Symbol Recognition mode:

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    SUPPORT!!!  The first response I’ve seen from you in a while, (2024 I read.). Is Symphony Pro coming back with a new update?  (Hoping for good news!) 
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    edited February 12
    We're indeed continuing to work on SP, with an emphasis on maintaining the app's reliability, and want to reassure you and everyone else of that. 

    We haven't announced information about new updates as often. However, the most important thing we want all of our existing and future customers to know is that we will continue doing the best we can to release updates quickly should new issues occur with things like iOS/iPadOS updates or previous updates to SP. We will also be trying harder to return to all emails and forum posts, especially about reliability issues, in a timely manner.

    We reassure users that emails and forum posts about such issues will continue to be treated as part of our main priority and that we will be listening intently for your feedback about them. However, for the foreseeable future: we can't promise that things like significant new features or major improvements (e.g. version 7) will be available soon in the upcoming updates. Helpful improvements to the usability of the app will still be kept in consideration as long as a lot of changes don't have to be made. As a result, if the app will have to undergo significant revisions, testing, and/or further updates as a result of making these suggested changes, it will be lower priority for us than making sure that current features are reliable.

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