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The best for handwriting recognition!

Having 're-discovered' Symphony Pro after being away from it for awhile, I'm amazed with Symphony Pro 6! I really tried to give 'StaffPad' and 'Notion iOS' a good chance, but only because I'd switched to an iPad Pro and didn't have Symphony Pro installed. When I did re-install, and found out that I was now using version 6, it only took a few minutes to realize how superior the handwriting recognition is in Symphony Pro 6 compared to anything else on the market. Fantastic! I really don't care for the 'DAW-like' capabilities of 'StaffPad', because I have a good 'big system' and I use Sibelius for my engraving/composing work. But, now that I'm using Symphony Pro 6 successfully, I'm thrilled to know that there really is a portable solution for composing, and that SP6 also offers many 'finishing touches' that make it totally viable for printing out some finished music as well. Look forward to a lot of great useage with SP6 and time spent composing... and not wasting time with the other 'notation apps'. Please stay in business for all the musicians around the world!!!! You've done an amazing job with SP6!!!


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    Thanks @cimilar! Your feedback goes a long way in encouraging us. Our app may not be as profitable as it once was but it is our responsibility to makes sure it continues to be reliable, as described here.
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    Thanks, I think you have made the correct choice in deciding to prioritize OS compatibility and bug fixes over new features.
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