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The file couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it

edited July 2023 in Symphony Pro
Symphony Pro 6
iPad Mini 6
iOS 16.5.1

When I try to open my existing scores, representing hundreds of hours of work over several years, I get an error, “The file “<xxx>.sym” couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it.” Some were originally created in SP 5, but I’ve opened them in SP 6 before; anyway, later ones were created in SP 6. I have multiple backups, but it does the same thing with them, so it appears to be an issue with the app, not the files. I am able to open the sample scores, and one small score I created January 2023.

 If I call Apple, they tell me to talk to the developer.

How do I access my files?


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    I am encountering the same problem. Help!
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    There are some changes to AirDrop under the new system version 17, which unfortunately do not have a beneficial effect on SP!
    If you send a Symphony Pro file to another device via AirDrop, this file (like every other file from now on) ends up in the local download folder or iCloudDrive in the Files app and could be opened directly from there in SP if there would be no bug. Unfortunately this bug prevents the file to be opened directly (see screenshot). The files will be send now via the Files app and no longer directly to the apps.
    In this case, in the top right of the target iPad (after receiving), go to done and switch to SP.
    In the project overview window, go to + at the top left, select iOS Document Browser and then open the file from the download folder. 
    Please consider to work for an update to prevent this bug!
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