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Dear all,
I purchased Symphony Pro and the hand recognition too (total of about 40$) since I need to edit partitures on my iPad that I wrote with MusicXML on MacBook. Today I tried to import MusicXML files however could not find how to do that, since the information in the help talks about a software (iTunes) that  no longer exists.
Looking forward your support.


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    I did the following with 2 different partitures and both of them did not deliver any result.

    1. ensure that the suffix of the file matches the supported format (.mxl or .xml)
    2. click open left on the "plus" sign
    3. click on "iOS Document Browser"
    4. browse to the folder that contains your file (e.g. on iCloud)
    5. click on it, a message will appear "Added Filier (....) has been copied to your iTunes Shared Tag. Topo open the project in symphony Pro, first import it using Imported/Exported Files unless user the Project window"
    6. click on "open later".
    7. click open left on the "plus" sign
    8. click on "imported/exported files"
    9. click on the file, a message will appear "Convert MusicXML to SP project and open" ?
    10. click open.
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