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Cant save project

Few days ago I have created a new project and i cant log out by praising save as… it appears for dew sec and disappear. Therefore i cant save the project and cant do anything else. I am stuck. I have resent the iPad, closed the App but nothing.
anyone knows how can it get out of this endless loop?


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  • Yes
    I'm also unable to save and close.
  • edited April 2022
    @Yaniv and @Foraoise I found if I pressed the button to open the save menu and where I think the save button will be at the same time it would save. It takes a couple of goes to line it up properly, though. Hope that helps!
  • I was also reading some other answers and if you have a bluetooth keyboard disconnecting it will fix it — which is simpler than trying to press the two at once 😆
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