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2x only and repeats

edited January 2022 in Symphony Pro
Hey guys,

Really hope this hasn’t been asked before, couldn't find it while searching the forum.

So i recently started working with symphony pro on my iPad pro and really like it so far, wish there was a bit more information available online but tho.

I’m digitalizing some of my sheet music with this program and i’m stuck with the following problems

my piece has a couple of repeating sections in there where on the second pass only certain instruments are played. When writing the music on paper I would use (2x only) on these bars. Is something like this possible with this program? Would be really nice if this would work with playback as well.

secondly on these repeats, the vocal melody on some bars is different on the second pass as well, is this possible?

finally, when adding a second voice in a bar, is it possible for the voices to share the same nites wit a bar going up and the other one down? Sp only displays the notes really short together but that looks really cluttered in my opinion.

really hope someone may help me, my apologies for the bad english.


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