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Project Disappeared Completely from my Ipad

Hey All, Using PRO 6 and was working on my first project for the past few days and had it pretty much done, had saved it lots, even exported it to PDF via email once in the early stages so it was definitely there. Was doing some minor changes and the app went unresponsive so i closed it and reopened it and the project is gone. I checked the icloud and it hadn't save any backups there and I also checked in the folders on my ipad for the app and all the project folders are empty, the project backup folder is empty as well, its like it didnt exist...!
what happened? 
I started a new project to see where it should have save the files and the new test project populated into the the main folder and the backup folder so I just dont know what happened. Is there any way to recover my project from somewhere else in the app? Or how can I stop this from happening again other then doing some sort of export every time I use the app. 
Thanks for any comments and help

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