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Updated SP 6.x docs/PDF manual

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I am new to Symphony Pro, and have downloaded and printed the available user manual. I appreciate the ability to do this, but I note that the existing manual is a combination of subjects from versions that go back as far as SP 4 and still reference mostly version 5. While I get the gist of current functionality, I was wondering if and when the docs will be updated to reflect version SP 6. Thanks for producing an extremely versatile notation program for the iPad. I especially appreciate the on-screen piano keyboard, as this speeds up my input immeasurably.


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    I'm a bit staggered to see that there has been no response to this and almost 2 years later I also cannot find any documentation for SP 6.
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    edited February 14
    We haven't had enough staff and available developer hours to work on things like new features and updates to the documentation/user manual. We're determined to prioritize our time better, which will allow us to keep SP reliable and the leading notation software. And so updating the manual is an important priority along with reliability/maintenance.

    For the time being keep in mind that symphonypro.net/v6 contains information not provided currently in symphonypro.net/manual about the new features that we've given to you free-of-charge in Version 6.
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