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Fermatas on different beats

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Dear developers and users of Symphony Pro,

First of all let me thank for your achivements in iPad musical notation. You enrich the lifes of many young musicians.

This afternoon I happened to write down one of Bach's chorals when i noticed a little inconvenience with the playback feature and two fermatas.


In bar 16 you see two fermatas. The playback slows down the tempo of the first eighth In the second track which results in some kind of swing rhythm. I didn't know if you were aware of it so I decided to post it.

I would like a possibility to create anacrusis as well. It looks a bit messy with the different times, shifts the measure numbers and is generally not very elegant. I believe I read a comment here in the forum, that anacrusis may come in ~2.1, if I'm not mistaken. Is this information still up to date? If yes, thank you, if no, please consider anacrusis as a Crucial feature! :-)

Best regards from Germany to the US


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    Hi luk,

    We'll address this small issue, and get pick up measures in for the next version. The fact that many people have already requested this feature lets us know that its high priority, and that's helpful.

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