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Bluetooth issues

I have a Yamaha and NU1X. Sp play songs back very stacatto using Bluetooth. It doesn’t seem to understand when to use sustain. And when I use the midi keyboard input it seems to double up the notes. Any thoughts on this?


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    edited November 2021
    Sorry about the delay due to vacation, not to mention the inconvenience. Are the doubling up and staccato playback issues occurring in (a) MIDI Record (i.e. when entering record mode, or starting the record click track), (b) step entry, or (c) both? 

    We've fixed several major issues that involved MIDI/Bluetooth/Audio for the next major update, though we aren't sure yet whether your specific issues were covered.

    To help us resolve these major bugs:

    1. We'd greatly appreciate any details regarding the question above.
    2. After installing 6.4, we look forward to your follow-up on which of these issues (if any) was resolved.
    3. Also, we hope you're be willing to test the early access build (of version 6.4 – the next version). For this reason, we sent you an invite via TestFlight (to your registered email) so that you can download it early. However, it's okay if you don't have the opportunity to test at this time.
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