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  ( Sorry if my English is not good)

   Symphony pro is a great tool, unfortunately I have some problem with the guitar tablature and the staff guitar  (the necessary platform that I need to work)

   1. It has promems seriusly with harmonic, its sound is not correct. 

 2. I thi it would be perfect that have a Clean tab, without beams and silences or dinamic symbol. we need a sistem easy to add just numbers, because the mostly information is on the guitar staff.

3. good idea about add template of staff and tab. but the prblem that you jus can listen the tab sound, not from the princippaly sistem notation , this is a big problem whwn we want a clean tab... and  this one is so important because the symbols and dinamics should be on the traditional staff. 

4. when you put a harmonic on the guitar staff (diamond head note) on the tab guitar happen the same , when it should change on the number notation with “<>” symbols. example : <7> on the first line on the tab / B on the staff guitar with diamond head note. and to sound the staff guitar not the tab.... but it not happen.

i hope you understand me.

thanks and greetings from Chile

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