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1 DS al Coda 2 tied notes and repeats

Hi, as a newbie with SP ( I have the last version) I can’t find the way to use DS al Coda and segno symbols correctly. In fact I don’t know where to place them exactly in the bars. I’ve tried To Coda and the audio stops there.
2. The last note of the 1st ending should be tied with the first note of the repeat It doesn’t last as it should in the audio, I must say that this note ( the 1st) is already tied with the very 1st.note of the song.
Thanks for your help, Great app.


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    Sorry about the issue, as well as the delay due to a long backlog of support requests currently, as well as a busy schedule.

    Thanks for letting us know about this bug which we will look into over the next week. However, we will best be able to identify and fix the underlying bugs in our application by providing a .sym file (SP project file). If this is possible, we hope you'll send it via email attachment to our support inbox.

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