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Enharmonic key signature problem!!!

Trying to change keys within a piece but it keeps putting it in the sharp equivalent of the flat side!

How do I get the correct key signature!?


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    edited September 2021
    Sorry about the issue, as well as the delay due to a long backlog of support requests currently.

    We'll return to you sooner next time but request the following information next:
    - Is this issue involving a transposing instrument and key?
    - In any case we would appreciate a copy of the .sym project file, sent to our email (suppotr@symphonypro.net). Sending this will immediately identify any bugs that may be causing it, in which case we will fix them right away. If there aren't bugs, we should otherwise be able to point you to how to fix the issue by making proper edits to your project.

    - Note: If it's involving a transposing instrument, there's a new enharmonic function in v6 that isn't in the manual yet but will be soon. In particular, you can open Instruments Menu > Choose the Instrument whose key signature (i.e. its enharmonic spelling) you to modify. Next, scroll down and you will find the Prefer Sharps or Prefer Flats options. However, let us know if this wasn't working for you.
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