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Error: “could not open icloud file due to connection issue”

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This problem occurs on both my ipad pro and iphone 12. I have a working internet connection and my icloud session is open. When i try to open a recently created file SP throws this error. I reported this many times via the popup but it does not get resolved. I scanned the forum for a similar issue but didnt find it. I tried to restart the app and even did a complete re-install. Same problem keeps occurring.

PLEASE help!?


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    Sorry about the issue, as well as the delay due to vacation and a long backlog of support requests. In the future we'll return to you sooner.

    If this error message occurs, a new recovery feature in v6 that has successfully recovered documents for everyone so far is described below. However, please let us know if it still doesn't recover it. If it works, the project should be available in your local Projects window (SP Documents directory). 

    Instructions on how to use the above feature to recover the file is as follows:

    SP iCloud Projects Browser and File Recovery Tool:

    - Version 6 allows you to view/download all iCloud projects uploaded from SP, via the new viewer and data recovery tool: available under the Projects Window, long-press the ellipsis icon (…) at the very top of the Bookshelf. 

    - Next, choose the option ‘SP Cloudkit Document Browser’ that pops up.

    - For the purposes of GDPR compliance, as well as file recovery, this option will also list any data you've uploaded to SP iCloud/CloudKit. The list will display all such documents in the manner recommended by Apple in recovering your data, for any documents that were uploaded to iCloud from within SP

    - The menu is mainly  intended as a safe mode for CloudKit document recovery, which may help resolve one or more corrupted iCloud documents in the event of recovery failure in other circumstances. An Internet connection is necessary to access this information. 

    - After loading, you can tap on any of the available files to delete or download, or choose 'Show All Data' to view all fields for debugging or transparency purposes.

    - Reminder: The purpose of this recovery tool is to make it fully possible to recover from an inconsistent state (e.g. in the case of "duplicate files" error message). Also, it is provided to help troubleshoot issues, since, as 3rd party developers, we cannot access or see any of your documents. The above option therefore reflects a helpful set of tools (with the help of Apple) to export your data.

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