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handwriting not there although purchased

I am using sym pro 6. purchased handwriting for apple pencil, confirmed as purchased on the applestore. but handwriting does not work in the app. wrote sym support last wk but no response. what am I doing wrong?


  • @burtonbeerman
    Sorry about the late response. 

    1. As long as you're logged into the same account, restoring the purchase as described in the following link should always work in the scenario you described. This includes situations where you're reinstalling SP, or installing it on a new device.

    Instructions to restore: https://forums.symphonypro.net/discussion/comment/3485#Comment_3485

    Let us know below if you need any further assistance regarding these steps.

    2. However, if you're using a new App Store account (AppleID), anyone who already bought the IAP with a different account can contact us with a receipt. We will then be happy to send a promo code, though we plan to enable Family Sharing for this In-App Purchase soon (note that the app itself supports Family Sharing).
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