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# Repeated Sections and Measure Numbers


I've noticed then when I have an end repeat in the last measure of a system, and then set the # Repeated Sections to something other than 0, the following system looses its measure number.

Is this by design?

Measure numbers are retained when # Repeated Sections is 0, or if there's and end repeat somewhere in the middle of the system.

In this pic, one can see that there's no measure 11 marking at the beginning of the third system.

Having trouble embedding the pic, here's a link to it - http://hildner.org/Symphony%20Pro%20Repeats.jpg

Using Symphony Pro 6.3.3 on iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation) Software Version 14.6



  • @Dofamedo
    We agree that this is a bug and appreciate you letting us know about it. It should be simple enough to resolve by next update (~6.3.5).
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