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I have many years experience of PCs but I'm new to IPAD and find it quite frustrating. I've eventually downloaded and installed Symphony Pro (only 3 days!!)
Now I'm trying to import a MIDI file.
I've paid for Dropbox and added some MIDI files and I can see them in Dropbox on my IPAD.
Now - how do I select one and see it please?


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    edited July 2021
    To import MIDI (or any other importable format) via DropBox, we suggest the following steps:
    1. First navigate to the file you want to import, inside the DropBox app for iPad.
    2. From the top right of the screen (navigation bar) tap the ellipsis (...) icon as shown:

    3. From the menu that appears, choose Share > Export File:

    4. In the next resulting menu, the SP icon will appear in the list of available apps, which is the second row of this menu, as illustrated below. Keep in mind that this row of apps is scrollable. Once you locate the SP icon, tapping on it will import the file into SP:

    For an overview of other ways of importing MIDI, the process is the same as that of importing MusicXML (as well as SP projects), and we went over some available options here.
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    Many thanks - I found an old instruction for this and managed to adapt to yours.
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