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Setting up Manual Music Entry

Hi. I bought the latest iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil last week, and bought Symphony Pro to allow me to notate music--just as I have done for many years, on manuscript paper. I can't figure out how to set up the music input method to accomplish what I want, namely "no cursor", "no default note type", just a blank piece of digital manuscript for me to write on with my Apple Pencil, and have Symphony Pro turn it into print-quality music. Can anybody help me with this? I don't have any problem setting up my clefs, time signature, etc. It's just getting the input method to be strictly conversion from my scratches to music.


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    Found the "Handwriting Recognition Guide in the manual, which is helpful. But not certain I understand why lassoing sometimes doesn't work, and sometimes drawn notes are treated as annotations. Still working on it, but would appreciate further clarification on some of what I wrote before. Thanks for a very promising product.
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