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Assign channel to a voice layer...and midi out real time issue.

Voices on one staff should be separated into different midi channels. For me it’s easier to write voices on one staff then to break the score up into too many staffs. A bonus would be if I could assign a specific note to a channel but that may be to complex to implement. 

Also, midi export renders great! But when I send out midi “real time” the note lengths are inaccurate  and notes overlap. I turned sustain to zero. Working with external synthesizers is causing missing notes when used monophonically and the notes are not in time. You guys should try recording midi “real time” midi out from symphony pro into a DAW and you will see what I mean. Note on/off message are not being sent in the correct order from Symphony Pro. This “real time”midi out is a great workflow feature that needs to be refined. 

For example if I score a “C 1/4 note” followed by an “E 1/4 note” followed by a “G 1/4 note”,  in 3/4 time the program will send the C note ON then E note On then C note Off then G note On. It should send a C note on and note off then an E note on and note off then a G note On note Off,

Overall, the program is great.

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