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Changing Clefs in the Middle of a Measure?

It's easy enough to change clefs at the start of any measure, but in some instances I want to switch to a different clef with a measure. I haven't found a way to do that yet. Any suggestions?


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    edited May 2021
    To change clefs in the middle of measure, the easiest way is to do the following:

    -  First tap on a note in Select mode (alternatively, you can long press the note in Write mode) that corresponds to the start of the clef change.

    - Next, choose the Edit menu item as shown. This opens the Note Properties context menu:

    - The following Clef Change options should appear when choosing Symbols at the bottom of this dialog:

    - Then, as an example, having selected the bass clef symbol from the menu above, the note that was selected in the first step will then represent the following (forward) clef change:

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    Thank you! As with many of the issues I encounter, it makes sense AFTER it's explained.
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