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Comments on using SP6 6.2.2 with M1 MacBook Ai


The program performs remarkably well on an M1 Mac, and is certainly useable.  However, there are certain quirks which, if changed, would improve the user experience immensely.

Saving/closing 1

Suppose you have played a piece of music, using Horizontal Scroll, and want to move to another.  Using the menu brings up the usual window


Save As


Revert to Original Document

but only 

Revert to Original Document

is legible (in Red, on a black background) - the others are Black (on a Black background).

The problem is similar with Reflow selected, but now

Close without Saving

Revert to Original Document

are in Red, the others in Black.

Changing the background colour to White would solve this issue, but there is clearly an underlying problem.

Saving/closing 2

As soon as you try to move the trackpad/mouse to the menu mentioned above, the window disappears, and the only way to move forward is to close the application.

This error can be alleviated by having the Touch Alternatives switch On - but why?

File system

I recently copied all my music from my iPad Pro to my M1 MacBook Air.  I did this by copying the Symphony Pro 6 folder onto a memory stick, and then copying this onto my MB.

The Symphony Pro 6 folder on the MB resides in the Documents folder, but attempts to replace this folder with the copied one do not work - SP6 cannot see the music files.  This could, perhaps, have been anticipated, as the folder is created by SP6.

Instead, I copied the individual music files into the existing Symphony Pro 6 folder.  This worked - in that SP6 could then read the music files - but the option to display the composer (as well as the title of the music) was not operative.  However, the option could be reinstated by loading each music file individually.  Why?!


I'm sure that there must be several other differences between the iPad version of SP6 and the M1 MacBook version.

However, the ones highlighted are the real problems - disturbing the UX - and would benefit from being corrected ASAP.

Ian Huntley

22 April 2021



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