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Midi Out continuing Issue

    Hello, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the app, and I’ve found a couple of issues so far that I was hoping you could help with. I had brought up this issue before, and following the update, I was hoping that the broken midi out issue would have been resolved, however it’s still there and when midi out is enabled, notes don’t last their full length. This also happens when I enable « play midi out ». Another issue, is that I feel like the handwriting system isn’t as accurate as before, because when I have a quarter note that has been converted to print and try to hand write a quarter note below it(more than a third) it adds more notes than just the one I was trying to add. 

As for possible feature suggestions, could you enable playing the sound of the selected note when in note-input mode? So far I’ve had to keep switching to selection mode to be able to hear the note by selecting it. Also: while in note input mode, I often find that when trying to select notes, I just end up adding more despite having clearly tapped the note and not outside the note. 

       One last suggestion is that when you are moving a note up or down by dragging, often I miss the target note I want to move it to because I have to drag pretty far for the note to start moving and by that time it’s moved it was further than intended. I also feel like the magnifying glass used to zoom in closer to the note you are moving is useful, however, for people like me who are already zoomed in, it would be useful to have an option to disable the magnifier, as often it ends up disorienting the person moving the note. This is because the magnifier rescales part of the staff visually and you end up losing the place of where the note was and where you want to move it to. This disorientation is even more noticeable with ledger lines, as you lose your place and you have no staff lines to serve as visual landmarks for where you were. 

I know this may seem like a lot of suggestions, but I love this app and it would just be amazing to see it improve.


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    edited April 2021
    Thanks for your great feedback and suggestions. We'll be sure to keep the suggestions for improvement in mind in the next revisions, while we fix certain critical bugs, many of which were introduced in 6.1-6.1.9, first and foremost.
    I was hoping that the broken midi out issue would have been resolved, however it’s still there and when midi out is enabled, notes don’t last their full length
    We'll take a closer look and revisit the MIDI-out issue next, after fixing the critical bugs first, including the note transpose issue you also describe. For the time being, it might be relevant/helpful to suggest increasing the Vol. Sustain knob under Playback Options > Mixer. Starting 6.1.9, this makes the notes generated via MIDI out more legato, where the intended behavior is to actually make the notes longer than their written durations. Even if this intended behavior isn't correctly implemented yet, we still hope to know:
    - Whether it produces notes that play (at least) up to their written durations
    - If you're sending output to a Bluetooth or Networked MIDI device (e.g. WiFI). This would be helpful to know since if the connection has any amount of latency, we haven't yet fully tested those conditions or accounted for such latency via delay compensation and other mitigations (e.g. clock signals). 
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