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Can’t get the repeat bar to work correctly

When playing back my composition I cannot get the repeat function to work correctly in relation to bars being played for the first time only.  On the repeat, instead of skipping past those bars marked 1st time only, it replays them and then progresses to the bars marked 2nd time only.   It’s doing this despite the bars being correctly marked as 1st time only.  Does any one know where I am going wrong and how I can get the playback to correctly play what is written.  


  • edited March 2021
    Sorry about the inconvenience. There were several new bugs introduced in the recent update (6.1.4) involving the playback of repeats, which were very similar to what you described, and we will release another update shortly to fix those issues.
  • Fabulous.  The latest update has sorted the problem.  Thank you.  
  • @RMc
    Glad to hear. We ought to be thanking you for the feedback. Also, we hope that the playback engine is now "interpreting" repeat signs and alternate endings intuitively with more complex customizations (e.g. where the start of an alternate ending can now have a begin repeat sign, or multiple repeats are present, etc.). This wasn't always the case before, so let us know if there's anything we can take a look at (especially by sharing the affected project in such cases).
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