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Two treble clefs

Is there a way of setting up the grand staff so it shows treble clefs in both treble and bass for piano.  I hope I've explained.  If I can't do that there are going to be lots of ledger lines.  
I managed to change the clef but then the base line just put a bass clef in after the time signature and I couldn't get rid of it.


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    There are several ways to do this, but the easiest option is available starting version 6. A step-by-step illustration is described in the following link, and works for (piano) grand staff and tablature parts alike:

    A revised overview for piano grand staff is nevertheless provided below for clarity:

    Given a part that contains any grand staff, the best way (starting in v6) to remove one  of the clefs is as follows:
    1. Make sure that Reflow layout is chosen from Score Menu > View Mode and not Horizontal Scroll.
    2. Next, tap on any part group bracket to highlight it:

    3. Tap again to select the score symbol and bring up the menu items. Then choose Delete:

    The two "clefs" will now become unlinked so that they are two separate parts/instruments instead of one instrument as before. 
    5. Tap on one of the blue indicators at the very left side of the screen, and next to the part (i.e. "clef") you want to remove. (In your case, this is the indicator next to either the treble or bass clef.) This will highlight the part and bring up the following menu items.  Then choose Delete to remove the staff:

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