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Midi connected - either from bluetooth or direct USB - no notes appearing

Hi, there,

i must do something wrong, but I cannot figure out what:
On my Macbook, I can connect my Yamaha C5 midi via USB. It works fine with Sibelius. But now I bought an iPad 2020 Pro. So with Symhony PRO 6, it should be easy to record notes. It connects: I can see the connection active in the settings, but, no notes are beting displaid / written at all. What can be wrong here?


Dico Krommenhoek
The Netherlands


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    To be precise: I've used the same USB - connection first, then switched to the Roland interface, and after that bought a Yamaha Midi in-out bluetooth set. 
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    Sorry to hear about the issue. Does the device work with GarageBand and other iOS apps? This would indicate whether the device is Core MIDI compatible. If not, one thing to look into is a CoreMIDI interface like iRig MIDI 2.

    If it's working with other apps we will fix the bugs on our side as soon as possible. Some initial details we hope to have would be:
    1. Whether MIDI input is enabled when opening the MIDI Connections Menu, under Playback Options > MIDI Connections > Allow MIDI In (highlighted in red)
    2. If so, whether the device is listed in the devices list below the row highlighted above, and whether you can select (check-mark) next to the device name.

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