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Creating a Ukulele TAB template only

I just bought SP for ios and it looks quite cool.  I’d like to create a Uke tab template without the staff.  I tried editing the Uke & staff template to delete the staff, it is not obvious to me how to do this -  can you tell me how?

I’ve perused the manual but have yet to find the answer.



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    Given a part that contains notation+TAB (i.e. a grand staff), the best way (starting in v6) to remove the notation (treble) staff (as well as unlink any grand staff) is as follows:
    1. Make sure that Reflow layout is chosen from the Score Menu > View Mode.
    2. Next remove the part group bracket linking the two parts: in Select mode, tap on any part group bracket to highlight it:

    3. Tap again to select the score symbol and bring up the menu items. Then choose Delete:

    4. Tap on the blue indicator (in this case, next to the treble clef) at the very left side of the screen to highlight an entire track. Then choose Delete to remove the staff:

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    Great .. very helpful.  Now - how do I turn that into a template?
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    edited March 2021
    Sorry for overlooking your response by mistake. After opening a project, you can turn it into a template by choosing Navigation Menu > Instruments menu icon, then tapping the 'Send' icon at the bottom right of the Instruments Menu, as highlighted below. The title of the template you give it will then be available from the list of templates under Projects Window > New > Choose Templates.

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