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Do I have to pay again?


Yesterday I bought the app ($14.99) because I wanted to write with the Apple Pencil (only reason I wanted it for), however when I try to use it this way the app ask me to pay $14.99 again :/

I understand the use of handwriting should be included with the app purchase in the first place, right?

I already tried reinstalling the app, and emailed support, but so far I’ve got no answer.

Anybody knows how to fix it? 


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    That's the only extra for the app. Its another $14.99 for handwriting- sorry for the bad news. It's a great app though, better than Notion IMO
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    edited February 2021
    We apologize that there was any confusion. We're still working on updating our reference materials and website, and we appreciate your patience:

    - It's important to first clarify that fundamental support for Apple Pencil, including palm rejection, pairing, and taking full advantage of the increased precision of this pointing device, are included without the Handwriting In-App Purchase (IAP). 


    - Handwriting recognition is the only In-App purchase. This IAP provides for the recognition of notes and (now) chord symbols, allowing you to convert pen-strokes with or without stylus into formatted notation. In v6, drawable annotations (with or without Apple Pencil) are also included with this IAP.

    - Without the IAP, you are able to access all of our main features listed in our help menu/manual besides those listed under the 'Handwriting Recogniton' chapter. Text annotations (via QWERTY or software keyboard) is also possible without the IAP.


    As such, the Handwriting In-App Purchase is the only paid upgrade and is the only feature that you have to pay extra for. The Handwriting upgrade is paid because we have to cover costs for their development. In any case, updates to existing features will always continue to be free, including the Handwriting feature.

    1. One option we'd like to offer you is letting us know that you bought the app in the time period you mentioned (via receipt or other payment confirmation), and pointing out where in our marketing materials that was ambiguous in the above sense (via email: support@symphonypro.net). If the general app description was unclear, you can let us know of that instead. We will then be happy to send a free copy to unlock this feature.

    2. For you or anyone else who wishes to receive a refund under any circumstance, you should be aware of our unconditional approval policy for obtaining refunds (within the period that Apple allows). This policy was mentioned in our response here, but it is provided again below:

    (Unconditional) Refund Policy:

    Refunds are granted by Apple iTunes without hassle. You don't have to ask us for approval of the refund, and it is sufficient to cite SP not meeting your expectations, and if you wish, you may also cite to Apple our "automatic" approval of refunds in the event of this condition. Instructions on how to receive a refund are outlined as follows, by virtue of which SP and its In-App Purchases are risk-free:

    - Full refunds are rendered without hassle and within a few business days, if SP and/or the Handwriting IAP are unsatisfactory. The return process for either purchase must take place entirely through the App Store on your iOS device (or iTunes on your computer), as they are the entity that processes all payments. Precise instructions are available at: https://www.imore.com/how-to-get-refund-itunes-app-store. We fully and automatically approve of customers' refund requests if the app and/or IAP doesn't meet expectations, or if a purchase was made accidentally. It's typically not necessary to include more than a short sentence to Apple when writing your reason for the request.
    - If a refund doesn't go through after a few business days or in the unlikely event the request is unsuccessful, please email us at support@symphonypro.net along with your receipt of SP from Apple.
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    It is totally misleading and of course it causes confusion and makes people believe that it is included with the app purchase. You should be more specific, about the handwriting feature not being included within the app purchase, since it is double the price if one wants that feature and, as me, i guess several users buy this app for that feature. Anyway...
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    I purchase the handwriting option and then later migrated the app to my new iPad with same account info tied to app. The app is not letting me purchase the handwriting option again, it will not give me the option so I can’t use the app on my new ipad. Any thoughts?
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    Is it allowing you to restore the purchase? If you used the same Apple ID for the ipad, it should work.
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