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Qutertone accidetals and playback support ( a Pre-sale question).


I am planning to buy the Symphony Pro for the iPad. Does it suppose quartertone notation and playback, please? 
What I want is 

1. Place quartertone accidentals in the score
2. Being able to play them back with ease ( without manually adding pitched bend to the notes).

Any help would be appreciated.


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    edited January 2021
    We’re working on an updated/redesigned site and reference materials to document where to access these features. But yes, quarter tone notations (and more broadly, micro tonal accidentals) and their playback are supported as of v6, the latest version. These options are located as follows:
    1. First open the App Settings menu (wrench icon). Then under the Advanced App Settings menu shown, set the highlighted Microtonal notations options to the ON setting.

    2. Microtonals will then show up as a separate Expandable Button in the Notes Toolbar, with (currently) the following 4 options shown below. They will respond to editing commands in both Write and Select mode just like any other icon inside the Notes Toolbar:

    If you have more specific (such as scale/tuning system-related) questions we would be glad to hear from you by emailing support@symphonypro.net at any time. We can then look into e.g. examples of scores that include the more specific tuning systems you were looking for, as well as consider features to implement this year if we haven’t implemented them already.
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