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Many problem with new 6 version

there are many bugs, i hope there will be an update soon, an example when i go to add an instrument it throws me out of the program and i do not know how to do it


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    edited January 2021
    We apologize about the bugs and have fixed a large number of crashes for the next update (6.0.8). There are a few in particular currently causing crashes when editing metronome markings or adding new instruments from the new projects menu.

    To work around them in project setup until the next update (6.0.8), we suggest creating a blank score and opening the Navigation Menu > Instruments Menu from the Score editor to add instruments from there instead. For editing metronome marks, we recommend tapping the marking directly within the score (in Select mode), then choosing the Edit menu item.

    Regarding the number of other issues you mentioned, we will best assist you and fix them by communicating via email (support@symphonypro.net). And for this reason we sent a message to your email.

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