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I am trying to figure out how to get symphony pro to transcribe a song that we recorded onto my digital piano.  I have successfully connected the piano & symphony pro via Bluetooth.  While playing around with the app I DID get the app to start transcribing my song while the recording was playing on my digital keyboard.  But it started transcribing halfway through the song because I didn’t know what I was doing, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it again (I have been trying for a couple of hours.). 

I have read the instructions over and over and I do not understand at all what to do.  Would appreciate help so much.  Our digital piano only holds one recorded composition at a time, but I don’t want to record over it until I know I have successfully transferred it somewhere else, in a form (midi?? Or musicmxl??) thst I know it can be transcribed by the app.  Alternatively if it’s possible for the app to transcribe it just by having the iPad & piano connected vis Bluetooth, that is fine too.  Any help appreciated!!!  I am totally new to these types of programs and really need simple step by step instructions,  

Thank you!!


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    Ok, so I figured out how to use another app to save the file as a midi, and then I imported it and the notes are transcribed!  Hooray! But it transcribed it only using the treble clef. Anyway to have it transcribe using both clefs?  Thanks!
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    edited January 2021
    To transcribe onto two clefs (i.e. grand staff) in MIDI record mode, one option (A) is to tap inside a part/track other than the one marked by the Record Start Location (red selection area); then, tap inside the grand staff again to re-select (an option will then appear to choose whether to record on one or both cleffs of the grand staff “by default”). 

    However, the only way to do this in general is the following (Option B):
    1. Go into record mode
    2. Long press next to the bar/staff at which you want begin recording
    3. You can then drag over both clefs of that bar as if selecting them
    4. Both clefs (staffs) will be highlighted in red to indicate that this succeeded. 
    — Thereafter, when moving the start location to a different bar number, you can go by option (A), since a single tap will highlight/record both clefs by default.
    — When transcribing, the app will split notes automatically between the two clefs by default (recommended), but if you want to specify a split point for MIDI record, you can now do this in v6 from the Navigation menu > Playback Options > MIDI Record Options > Split Point.
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