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Charged twice to access handwriting feature

I bought this app via the AppStore in the UK and paid £14.99 for the full version. After downloading I was unable to access the handwriting tool which is what I specifically bought the app for. After an hour of trying to restore my purchases to access the feature, I read somewhere that I would not be charged twice if I imply paid for the feature, this time through the app. Of course, I've been charged twice and have now paid nearly £30.00. Very frustrating, bought thought I would post on here before leaving a review!



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    edited January 2021
    Sorry to hear about that. We sent a promo code for the in-app purchase to your registered email, just in case it was an issue with Apple's payment processing service or your account. Regardless of whether you're restoring or redeeming the in-app purchase, the steps to register it with the app are identical, and are essentially the same task described below.

    First, if you're certain to have been double charged, you can follow the open return policy (and instructions) we've described for how to refund a purchase. This process with Apple is especially simple in the case you described:
    You should be aware that refunds are granted by Apple iTunes without hassle. You don't have to ask us for approval of the refund, and it is sufficient to cite SP not meeting your expectations, and if you wish, you may also cite to Apple our "automatic" approval of refunds in the event of this condition. Instructions on how to receive a refund are outlined as follows, by virtue of which SP and its In-App Purchases are risk-free:
    - Full refunds are rendered without hassle and within a few business days, if SP and/or the Handwriting IAP are unsatisfactory. The return process for either purchase must take place entirely through the App Store on your iOS device (or iTunes on your computer), as they are the entity that processes all payments. Precise instructions are available at: https://www.imore.com/how-to-get-refund-itunes-app-store. We fully and automatically approve of customers' refund requests if the app and/or IAP doesn't meet expectations, or if a purchase was made accidentally. It's typically not necessary to include more than a short sentence to Apple when writing your reason for the request.
    - If a refund doesn't go through after a few business days or in the unlikely event the request is unsuccessful, please email us at support@symphonypro.net along with your receipt of SP from Apple.

    Instructions to restore/redeem the Handwriting In-App Purchase:

    Steps to restore/redeem:

    1. Make sure the AppleID (not iCloud email) account that originally made the purchase for the IAP matches the account you're signed into. This can be performed under Home > Settings > iTunes and App Store. The email address that shows up under this tab should match the one that made the original purchase.
    2. Open the SP app.
    3. Restore the purchase under Help > Help Menu > Handwriting Tool > Restore. (Make sure that you have an Internet connection) 
    • Alternatively, a shortcut to open the Handwriting Tool window is a long-press on the Handwriting icon (under the Notes toolbar). Next, choose "About Handwriting.." from the menu items that will appear.

    Other things to keep in mind:

    -- Payments and redeem codes for In-App purchases (IAPs) and applications are always processed through the App Store / iTunes, rather than directly through third-party developers (our company). We can't access or validate any licenses ourselves.

    -- The Handwriting IAP is the only paid upgrade; the purchase grants only your AppleID a permanent license.

    -- As a result, we have no ability to confirm payment histories ourselves; in the very exceptional case that you do happen to get charged twice, we'll be keeping a note of such an error, and we would be happy to outline some steps to get it resolved through Apple.  

    -- If issues persist, and with a proof of purchase (i.e. the original receipt that Apple was emailed to you), we cam provide a promotional code for a free copy of the Handwriting upgrade, which you can use to enable the app on a new account. When sending us this receipt from Apple, it will only be necessary to include your name and the product name (i.e. the Handwriting Tool), while any other details must be removed.

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