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New SP 6 not recognizing I have the program

Congratulations on the release.  However, I appear to have updated 6.06, but cannot access the newest release 6.0.7. On the app store, it shows that i have purchased the handwriting, but not the program, so I cannot update. I have stopped the beta test. It wants me to re-purchase the program. How to work around?


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    Hi Scott,
    This is definitely a bug, since version 6 is a free update, and no updates are supposed to ask you to buy the app. Looking into it further, it appears to be a bug that is affecting TestFlight users specifically, who then download an update from the App Store. So, to work around this (ongoing) issue and to prevent any double charges, we've sent a promo code to download the app.

    Other than that, thank you for your exceptional feedback over the course of developing version 6, and happy new year!
    - SP Team

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