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Triplets problem


I have a problem when I write 2 or more groups of triplets: symphony pro automatically beam them into a group of 6 or 9 or more notes, and you can see the number 3 under it. I want to write different group of triplets , not to beam them together.. do you have a solution ? 


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    Great question. You have one of two options here:
    1. In Select mode, long press and drag a note selection area over the notes of the tuplet you want to beam separately. After doing so, the menu item to beam together the note selection is highlighted below:

    - This defines a separate beam group for only the blue note selection area, where the resulting notation should look like the following:

    2. Another thing to try is to turn on separate beaming for tuplets. You can find this option by opening the Measure Dialog (tap with two fingers on a bar). Choose Time/Key at the bottom, then Configure Meter, and you will find the below menu. The Beam Tuplets Separately at the bottom should be turned on. Currently, it is also recommended to add at least one beaming rule by simply tapping "Beam x Notes Separately" once.
    - Alternatively, you can define a custom beaming rule (under the same menu > Beam Groupings). This will allow you to beam all notes (including tuplets) the way you want them to be grouped across the meter/time signature of the bar(s). As an example, if you enter "5,3" as the rule for eighth notes, this tells the editor to subdivide beams into five followed by three eighth notes as the default:
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