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Attempt to purchase “Handwriting Tool” failed

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I bought this App because of the “Handwriting Tool” and everytime I try to buy it the message appears “ Attempt to purchase “Handwriting Tool” failed”. I have an iPad Pro so I don’t know what is happening, but I’d like to solve this problem because, as I said, this is the tool I bought this App for, and I’ve already paid the App itself. Thank you in advance. 


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    edited November 2020
    Sorry to hear that. That is an App Store/iTunes message, and likely has to do with setting up your account. For others who've had similar issues, there were these recommendations, which was to verify your Apple ID payment information under Home Screen > Settings as provided here:
    If the issue persists, don't hesitate to send an email. However, we can only help you if it's a bug that has to do with the app. We have no access to your account or payment information, so can't help you there.
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