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Compatibility with ios14

Does simphony 5 work with ios14 iPad? 


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    edited November 2020
    SP 6 is a free update that should be arriving this month. It will fix several important bugs affecting the interface with iOS 14/iPadOS 14, such as certain transparent screen elements and menus. Although, it doesn't make the app unusable, it will be recommended to update right away since v6 will be a well-tested release.
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    “should be arriving this month” - honestly, this is just embarrassing at this point. You have literally been promising to release it within the next few weeks for months.

    From August 5th: we'd like to commit to a final deadline to submit 6.0 to Apple by the first week of September” It’s now the 2nd week of November, so you’ve only missed your “final deadline” by over two months? And that’s after missing every other deadline you’d committed to. And now you’re saying it “should be arriving this month”? Are you not the ones responsible for the development of this app? So how can you sound so unsure as to when exactly it’ll be “coming”?

    Point being, stop giving us fake deadlines, it’s insulting at this point. 

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    Well, here we are in December... Still no v6, which you said “should be arriving this month” last month xD 

    See ya’ll in January I guess  
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