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Random triangles

Random, tiny triangles have appeared in the app. They began appearing while I was trying to add lyrics to a score. I thought perhaps I was doing something incorrectly, since I’m new to Symphony Pro and know just enough to be dangerous. However, the triangles show up in any score or window of the app.


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    edited October 2020
    Sorry about the issue. This occurs when long pressing the score to bring up the expressions/dynamics/text autocompletion menu at that score location. It currently can only be worked around by restarting the app completely, but if you want to download the early access of version 6 (which resolves the bug), you are welcome to do so by emailing support@symphonypro.net and referencing this issue.  
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    Same problem: How do you gracefully exit the auto-completion  menu.
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    edited November 2020
    Sorry about that bug. In 6.0 (next update) you will be able to tap anywhere outside of it to dismiss it without affecting the score. If it's significantly affecting your workflow, you can email support@symphonypro.net for instructions on how to update to the latest Version 6 release candidate before it's available on the App Store.
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