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PDF Export of A4 document results in 54,51 x 38,67 cm page size

Hi, I'm using symphony pro on an iPad Pro 2018. So far, everything is working fine except for PDF export. My original page size is set to A4. When I'm choosing PDF export, the size of the export is always 54,51 x 38,67 cm.  When I try to print, only a quarter portion of the page is printed out, hence printing from the app is impossible, which is a major obstacle for using the app for my music classes.
Do you have any hint how to solve the issue?
Thanks, Christian


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    This was definitely a major issue that will be fixed in the next release (6.0). The update will be free, as always, on the App Store, and will be arriving shortly. We're still wrapping it up, but if you want to download the preview build, you can send us an email at support@symphonypro.net and include your receipt.
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