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Gray Background on Prints

Hello, I am a getting gray background when I print my score.  I have changed the background color in settings with no success.  Interestingly, the pdf renders with white background on display but when printed, there is a gray page color.

Thank you in advance.


  • edited August 2020
    Sorry to hear about that. Please try turning off Dark Mode first. Dark Mode will be supported in v6, but doesn't work with v5, and affects printing as well. We'd appreciate a copy of the project sent to [email protected] in either case to correctly diagnose and resolve this major bug.
  • Thank you.  When V6 will be released?
  • @KamranSar
    Glad to know that worked. It will be released around the first week of September. You are welcome to send an email to download the early release.
  • Great, my email is:   [email protected]
  • Using the transparent option for printing, resolved the gray background on version 6 (beta). 
    In version 5, turning on/off the Dark Mode did not make any difference.  Dark mode was off al along.
    Regards, Kamran
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