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SP6 estimated release date

Okay, 3rd time lucky I hope (I’ve already posted about this twice but am still waiting for a response). Anyway, do you have a realistic estimate as to when we might see SP6 in the app store? I’m not expecting to get an exact release date. Something like “it’s unlikely that we’ll release it before August” or “we’re aiming to release it before the end of July” is better than the information we have right now which is nothing.

Thanks :) 


  • I too would like to know this, its been “coming soon“ for what 6-8 moths now???
  • @WisePenny98
    There are still a few major bugs remaining, such that it would be inappropriate to release 6.0 without fixing them. But we'd like to commit to a final deadline to submit 6.0 to Apple by the first week of September (9/7/20). Thanks for your patience.
  • @Support

    Are you still on track to submit v6 to Apple by the 7th Sept aka tomorrow? 
  • If the answer’s no, it’s nobodies fault but your own, so stop ignoring me and please answer my question. 

  • Take your time and get it right. I would rather have a great new version that functions well rather than like MakeMusic and slapping something together, releasing it, and then having to fix all of the bugs they didn’t quash. You have an incredible product and the new version will, I’m sure, be well worth the wait!

    I agree! I’m not asking them to “rush”. I’m asking them whether they’re on track to submit the app to Apple by the time THEY “committed” to. If the answer is no, fine, but at least tell us, and tell us when the new projected submission date is (although at this point, I don’t think anyone has any faith left in their projections and commitments...)

  • Although frankly, it’s extraordinarily how they’ve managed to miss every single milestone they’ve set themselves... 
  • Is there any chance that you could at least tell us the minimum amount of time we will need to wait before v6 is ready to be submitted to the app store? Even something like “we definitely need at least 2 weeks before we are ready to submit to Apple” would be helpful... 

  • I am waiting for it, too!
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