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Midi latency

Hi anyone,

Purchased SP 5 yesterday.  27 June 2020.  Guessing 6 isn’t available still.  Running a Korg keyboard into iPad 6th Gen via iRig Pro Duo.  Lightening connection to iPad.

There’s a significant delay when recording.  Quite disappointing.  Any ideas for a fix please or will this bug be fixed in ver 6?

Thanks for any help.



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    Sorry about the issue. It was fixed for v6 but it won't be released until July 7 at the earliest. For this reason we will send an install link to v6 if you forward the receipt (to support@symphonypro.net) after receiving it within a few days.
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    @Support are you ever going to be able to provide an estimated release date for v6 that isn’t wildly inaccurate?
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    Sorry about the delay. An update is underway, but if you want to download it early you can always email us at support@symphonypro.net to receive an install link.
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