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Adding chord symbols Symphony Pro 5 for ios

I’m having trouble figuring out how to add chord symbols to a project. And text (lyrics) as well. Does anybody know how to do this using Symphony Pro 5 on an iPad? Thank you!


  • edited June 2020
    You can do this by first opening the Score Symbols Toolbar (2nd icon from the right of the Notes Toolbar) highlighted in blue. From this expandable button, make sure to chose the Text category ('A' icon). The chord symbols tool ('C7' icon) is highlighted in green and lyrics ('L1') in red:
    - For either tool, and in Write mode, you can tap on the score location or note where you want to add the chord symbol or lyric respectively. The text cursor will then appear at that location
    - In Select mode you can highlight the icon to add and edit the element where the input cursor is currently located in the score. This will otherwise perform the same action as the above, and for any score expression
    - For lyrics, you can expand the icon to choose a different verse number, such as 'L3' for line/verse 3
    - Also, in version 6, which will be arriving shortly, there will be a chord symbol recognition tool available from the Handwriting icon (2nd from right)

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