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Newb Q: does this broken treble line require a 2nd voice (V2)?

I'm totally new to this, but I've searched the help files as best I can and I don't find an obvious mechanism. I want to reproduce this grand staff piano part, but the treble is killing me. Does this F-F-C require a "2nd voice" to accomplish, just for the treble to break from chords to right-hand fingers moving at separate times?


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    edited June 2020
    Yes, a second voice will be necessary to write two notes with different note values that overlap each other on the same beat and on the same clef. On the other hand, for the dotted quarter notes in the treble clef, a second voice isn't needed, and you can write them in one chord.

    For the dotted quarter notes and the eighth notes that overlap, however, you will need to write the eighth notes into the second voice using the Voices button (highlighted in green). In Write mode, you can then long press underneath the dotted quarter note to add the eighth note immediately below the dotted quarter, without having to add the rests ahead of the eighth note manually.

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    Thanks for this definitive clarification -- and the tip about long-press. Seeing all the rests appear when I gave V2 a try earlier made me assume I wasn't using the most efficient method. I'll give it another try now that I know the preferred path forward.
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