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Sharing in-app purchase on two devices with the same apple ID?

Understand that in-app purchase can't be shared with my family members, but what about if I have 2 devices (iPad and iPad pro with the same apple ID), do i have to make the payment twice for in-app purchase?


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    edited May 2020
    In the above case, we can confirm that payment won't be necessary since the App Store will recognize that your account already bought the In-App Purchase. By sharing the same account and restoring the Handwriting feature from within the app, your family member will then be able to use after they switch back to their original account as well.

    While you are welcome to share it this way, please keep in mind that:

    - Sometime this year, we will figure out a way for everyone who owns the Handwriting feature to be able to use Family Sharing so that the above account sharing won't be necessary.

    - Until then, if you don't want to share accounts, you can send a proof of purchase (your receipt from Apple of the Handwriting feature) to receive up to two promo codes so that they can register the IAP on up to two separate accounts.

    - If you are an educator, you can request up to 10-20 promo codes, depending on the amount we have available, by sending verification that you represent a VPP eligible educational institution.

    - In both cases, please email support@symphonypro.net to request promo codes for your family or classroom while keeping in mind that we are working on these accommodations for later this year.
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