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Purple Note Heads

I imported an XML score into SP. Import was successful in every detail. However all the note heads are purple. What does this mean and how do I correct this? Thanks. Jimmy


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    edited May 2020
    Great question. This indicates that there are multiple voices/layers in the score, and/or the score contained chord symbols, so they were written to the "Chord Symbols Layer". This might be unexpected though if you didn't import a multi-voice score in the first place; in such cases, the import functionality is being improved for 6.0.

    If you're sure that you didn't import multiple voices, you can fix this for now by long-pressing the Voices button ("V1", highlighted in green) and swiping on the rows marked "Empty" to delete them. If this doesn't work, the workaround (in v5) is to delete the rows that you know are extraneous, until you're down to just the first voice.

    Alternatively, to disable highlighting:
    In the above popover menu, choose "Voice Settings..". This opens following menu, so that you can choose with which color you want to highlight the active voice, or turn off color highlighting altogether.

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    Thanks. Went to do as you suggested and when I did a long press on the voices button (which showed V1 not V2 as in your diagram), the score color suddenly changed to black. Issue resolved.

    Also, I’ve down loaded the manual for SP (not sure which version as I’ve been using SP for quite a while). I want to learn how the “Voices/Layers” works. There was no Index or Table Of Contents in the manual I have and the link in the text for “Voices/Layers” went to the web and displayed “Page not found”. Can you please give me a link to the latest manual. Thanks, Jimmy 
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    We're glad to have helped. The manual chapter for Voices/Layers linked here but let us know if you need any clarification.

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